portable SDR

According to a recent blog post, the portable SDR is a little bit more solid than vapourware
It's not really my cup of tea, heck, I struggle to run simple CW rig properly! Will be interesting to hear some reviews when it eventually appears.
For the past couple of days I've been dreaming up direct conversion crystal controlled rigs  I discovered that I had the RockMite hex file, so I won't even have to pay out for a keyer.
Regarding the KX3, I lusted after one for quite a while but I tend to think that the FT817 would survive a bit longer in the field. I think that if Yaesu brought out an updated QRP field radio, it would sell very well. I remember a friend that had to have the latest IC706 model, so the first one got replaced by a mk2 and then that got replaced by a mk2g. I think owners of the FT817 would want to trade up in the same way, given some nice 'carrots'.
Technology has moved on quite a bit in the 15 or so years that the FT817 has been for sale, I'm sure there's lots of little tweaks that can be done.

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